NCT02264678: Ascending Doses of AZD6738 in Combination With Chemotherapy and/or Novel Anti Cancer Agents

Breast Cancer Type: HER2+, HR+ & HER2-negative, Triple Negative
Hormone Mutations: ER+, PR+
Other Mutations: 
Breast Cancer Tissue: 
Recruitment Status: Recruiting
Phase 1|Phase 2
Drug Category: Misc Inhibitor, Serine-Threonine Kinase Inhibitor, Immunotherapy, Therapeutic Antibody, Chemotherapy

Key Eligibility Criteria:

Gender: All
Age: 18 Years to 130 Years (Adult), Senior)
Location of Metastases: 
Additional Notes: Metastatic breast cancer (MBC) patients regardless of subtype are eligible for Module 1 Part A (AZD6738 & Carboplatin AUC5), Module 2 Part A1 (AZD6738), & Module 2 Part A2 (AZD6738 & Olaparib); HER2-neg MBC patients with BRCA1/2 germline (inherited) mutations or somatic mutations expressed by the tumor are eligible for Module 2 Part B3 (AZD6738 & Olaparib); TNBC patients with no BRCA1/2 mutations will be eligible for Module 2 Part B4 (AZD6738 & Olaparib), but TNBC patients with germline or somatic DNA repair mutations will be preferentially recruited for this module

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