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About Us

The Storm Riders Network is a one-stop tool for metastatic breast cancer (MBC) patients and survivors, co-survivors and caretakers. It is for anyone interested in learning more about the resources available to those riding out the storm that is breast cancer. Much of the information collected here is geared towards the metastatic community, though anyone affected by cancer will benefit.

The idea was inspired by my Type A personality and need to consolidate all the information I have amassed in the years since my breast cancer diagnosis (Hi- I’m Christine!). It began with a few binders, a few spreadsheets, and before I knew it, I had a library of information. I realized this information would be more practical in digital form and may also be useful for other MBC patients. The Storm Riders Network was the perfect solution and was hence born.

This open-access online forum helps MBC patients learn more about their disease and corresponding treatments. MBC patients face many barriers to accessing this information. The breast cancer data available in the world (both physical and digital) can be overwhelming, unreliable, and confusing. Compounding the problem is that the field of cancer research is constantly evolving, which means the science is ever changing.


The Storm Riders Network aims to remove these barriers with a twofold approach: 1) to provide the most up-to-date scientifically accurate information about breast cancer and its treatments, and 2) to distill this information into a digestible format that is easy to understand.

As a stage IV MBC survivor myself, I plan to maintain the most up-to-date scientifically accurate information by attending and participating in various breast cancer-related events including science- and research-based conferences, workshops, and webinars. Often times these events are not local and therefore costly. For the MBC patient in treatment, they may be too sick to attend.

Image of author attending first MBC conference
Attending my first MBC conference

I plan to supplement the information gathered from various events with a review of the most current scientific literature regarding promising MBC clinical trials, as well as those drugs and therapies currently in the pipeline. Sources will include published scientific papers, scholarly journals, academic articles, peer-reviewed online publications, and medical podcasts.

Though I do have a biology background (check out my resume before cancer), I am not a medical doctor, a strength in my opinion, when interpreting findings for other MBC patients like myself. I should note however, that drugs, therapies and treatments you may see on this website are NOT recommendations or endorsements. If you have any questions regarding changes to your current treatment plans, plan to have a discussion with your oncologist.

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